Friday, April 22, 2016

the spending freeze? weeellll, maybe next month.

what can I say?  I blame 2 Peas Refugees and Youtube...yeah.  This is my latest box from   And yes, I hit 'buy' yesterday...

Well, the Camper set is from 2Peas Refugees.  I would not have known about it, if not for a thread about favorite things...then someone talked about Peachy Cheap set..but it did not include 12x12...while looking for the Camper...saw the other 2 for a reasonable they jumped into my cart.

Then I saw this set more than half can I resist?  I am going to split this up....
this is from a Calvinball thread...there was talk about a Calvinball prep video...when I saw one of the prep video gals use this pad, I knew I had to have it. siiiiiiigh
This is how I usually buy project life sets, find someone on Ebay or Etsy who is splitting theirs.   The core kit is just way too much.  So while organizing my cards, I went on Ebay, wanting to find the collection names...and this one just 'called' to me. 

So, it is Friday, and I've decided to give both my commentors on my giveaway entry a set of Project Life.  One will get the one pictured (the name I draw) and the other will get a set from Dreamy.  Hopefully, I will have a space of time to divide it this weekend.  Will update and contact them for their address.  

so, it is Stefani for the mystery set pictured on the entry
Catherine for the set of Dreamy



Catherine1216 said...

Bunch of enablers on two peas refugees. I love what you bought though. Now I want to go shop, but I need to get product out of my scrap room, not add more.

Alyssa said...

Oh, I love that Jen Hadfield paper too. I lucked out and found it at Tuesday Morning.

LisaDV said...

Such beautiful paper. Really like the jen hadfield pad. I was going into the freezer too, but ended up making a cherry on top order today. Sigh!!!