Thursday, April 14, 2016

a Kit share, Gossamer Blue April

 I am participating in a blog challenge on 2 Peas Refugees...2 peas Refugees blog challenge.  On the thread a couple of the participants shared their kit club subs...and I thought, pretty cool, I will also share.

Here are links to their shares:

ojyma's top five from her Studio Calico

ellewood's Citrus Twist Pocket Life

I sub to 2 kits per month.  I live in the middle of CA and we simply do not have any LSS's out here, for me this is a necessity.  If I want more than 'box store' offerings....

The following is  this month's Gossamer Blue Life Pages kit

This is how it arrives
The embellishments, the washi tape is a series of colorful XO's, you always get a custom stamp set...which I always LOVE
Some of the cards...I posted a pic of them vertically, but flip them over, they are also horizontal
this is where they go on my desk...kit kept together for about 2 to 3 months.
Then moved into this newly organized clear shoe box.  When I go to crops, I just grab the shoe box and I have a ready assortment of cards and embellies for my pocket pages.
I've been subbing since August of last year, and can honestly say I have not been disappointed yet.

So, an update on my fil.  He has been in the hospital since the ER...Tuesday was 2 weeks.  They have run test after test...procedure after procedure...and after this he will have to go to a short term care facility for rehab.  Still looking at a couple of days before this can happen.   But, for the most part his spirits are up and he shows his fighting spirit. (former Marine and Korea War veteran)  And as long as he has that, he should do well.   His vital signs are stabilized.

A couple of days ago, there was a scare with mil.  While with dh in fil's room, she had a seizure.  So she had to be rushed to the ER.  (thankfully it happened there and not while she was driving)   She is stable now...thinking dehydration as she was probably not taking real good care of herself with fil in hospital.  So for a couple of days she is staying in our guest room...where dh can keep an eye on her. 

This morning he gets to wade through insurance, medicare, supplementals and pray for him to be strong as they figure out ..well, how to pay for fil's needs.  

And researching what we will need for our future our kids will have access to provide for us.  Long Term insurance has been and is definately on our radar.


BehindtheWoodVeneer said...

Thanks for the link! I have definitely had my eye on the Gossamer Blue kit since I was looking for a new club- thanks for sharing! Best wishes to your family, too.

Catherine1216 said...

You make me want to get a kit.

Melissa Priest said...

I haven't had a gossamer blue kit in years....makes me want to go get one!