Wednesday, April 6, 2016

a few of my favorite things, or a walk down memory lane pt1

 Last month there was a thread on 2 peas about our favorite papers of all time...well here are a few of mine... Most are retired, so this is like a trip down memory lane...

I took pics of either projects using the papers, or what I have left of them.  Some, I found both.
I cannot figure out why this pic is sideways, in my file it is the correct way...hmmmmm.

But favorite Christmas is BG Dasher and Fruitcake...I made these ornaments using cd covers, the pp and....beads.

This is the fave Halloween, gotta admit, Halloween is not a 'big holiday for our keeping it 'cute' with Doodlebug

This is my fave Valentines, SEI Lovebirds.   Used it for a friend's wedding pages, many year ago.

This is my fave boys.  It is 'technically' a birthday paper, but I love the colors for boy pages.  It is from CTMH Celebrations.   I put a swath of the green on top..that is easily my favorite shade of green. also CTMH

this pic is a bit blurry, but this is my fave Girls  BG Two Scoops.  I think just about every bit of this is gone.

Fave wedding, though not technically a wedding paper is this Stampin Up Europa.  Love the subtle designs and colors and slight 'French' feel.

Favorite Travel is this Imagenisce Scooter's Travel.   So cute!  Wish my pic had a better pic of Scooter.

I feel like a techno failure this morning, woke up to find my phone DEAD on Arrival.  It lost its charge yesterday, I recharged to 100%... it was working at 9pm when I went to sleep...then this morning when I woke at 5:23 (insted of 5:10 when the alarm was supposed to go off) was D O A again!!  what????

Also tried to log in to my Google account, instead I get this page explaining the account...wha??? I just want to sign I may not be able to comment on blogs later.  siiiiiigh

And I bought myself a fitbit..but cannot connect to my phone.  soooooo, feeling a bit like a techno failure.   deep breaths, step some low tech read a couple of chapters from my book.   and file some stuff for work...and get back to it later....there we go.  

Oh, do you remember the first day one of the gals had on her blog about doing a Haiku challenge, I was inspired to write one...

Ode to Earl Grey

My morning Earl Grey
First sip refreshes me
Hot, sweet, just add milk

(yes, I am a dork...but a proud and loving it dork!!)


Melissa Priest said...

ha! Love your haiku! And what a great walk down memory lane!

Catherine1216 said...

I love that pink paper with the butterflies on it. I love all things butterflies.

LisaDV said...

Love your haiku! And your visual ode to paper lines of the past. Sorry tech things aren't going your way. Have you ever noticed it seems to happen all at once. Every thing is fine and then, wham, nothing works. you're not the only one.