Tuesday, February 26, 2008

hoarder, and proud mother..teehee

from 2 peas:

Are you the type of scrapper/card maker that buys things to use on items your creating now. Or do you buy with the future project you could be creating?

I buy and buy, for present, future and someday projects. I'm a major hoarder and love it!
now, I try to buy stuff on sale, like the baby papers I don't even have a grandchild for....

well, my dd is evil...yup, and I bow down to her.
Tuesday, she went shopping and the clerk at this particular store, would not look up from her magazine to even say hi, much less 'may I help you'...dd said the only thing the clerk told her was , 'turn out the light' after dd used the restroom. So, dd is walking around with a couple of items in her arms, when a slightly older woman walks in..clerk is all over it. "May I help you", "May I start a dressing room for you"...now, according to dd, though she just got out of class, she wasn't dressed like a slouch...but she does look young. Anyways, dd puts the stuff on a rack, and walks out. She calls me, upset, she used to work retail and is frustrated about being treated that way in a store. I tell her 'welcome to my world'... I am overweight and I don't dress fancy...so I tend to get ignored in shopping situations.

Here is where I am so proud of her, she calls me back and tells me, 'here is our future plan of action, next time there is a clerk like that, we will go around the store and grab a huge armful of stuff, take it to the counter and tell the clerk..."you can put this back"...as we walk out."

tee hee.


okay, a reminder about my RAK,
would love more weight loss hints. (hint, hint)

and even skinny people can help...tell me what you do!!



BonnieRose said...

I am a hoarder too!

Susan Costanza (aka:SusieQScrapbook) said...

I lost 70 lbs after my 3rd dd was born. What I did was choose my food better. Wheat instead of white in bread, pasta, cereal, etc. Don't go heavy on sauces, eat an extra serving of veggies. DON'T SNACK...unless its fruit or nuts! I also cut down my 2 spoonfuls of sugar into less than 1. Look here to see how much sugar in a week that is...http://susieqscrapbook.blogspot.com/2007/08/this-is-how-much-week-of-2-spoonfuls-of.html
Good luck, and don't put so much pressure on yourself!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

Thinness advice drink green tea.

Sarah C. said...

Your DD's idea made me laugh. But I am truly sorry that either of you are ignored while shopping. There is no excuse for that. From my point of view it appears customer service in most aspects (sales especially) has gone downhill. I regularly find store clerks who think I'm interrupting THEM by asking something. Geez...

Anyhow, one weight loss tip from me - sparkpeople.com. I signed up at the end of Jan and have dropped 11lbs so far using their suggestions, tips & tools. And, best of all - it's totally free. Which is mind boggling in itself. Give it a try! :)

Lynn said...

What is this world coming to? We can't even get the time of day from a clerk in the store. That is just pittiful. I've been there and actually did just what your dd suggested. I got the look of death as I did it, but I turned around and smiled and said I hope you have a pleasant day! That got her more pissed off. Gotta love the power of a smile and a few little words.

Good luck on the diet. I'm right there with you. I lost 1 1/2 pounds this week. I know its all water, but heck, its not on my body anymore. Keep us posted.

Danisha said...

I thought that was the best idea ever!!!! The grab a bunch of clothes and then tell them you don't want any! Have to say that made me laught out loud!!!!