Friday, February 15, 2008

still sick...

Yesterday I stayed home from work, you'd think I'd do a little computer and scrappin', but no, I did literally stay on the couch (watched The Right Stuff) and bed...still not feeling great today, but dh (did I mention he is also my boss) made me come in a lot of invoicing that needs to be done.

oh well, hopefully I can get thru it, without getting my co-workers sick.

all the icky's have settled in my chest, I am now coughing and into my sinus headache time.

Good news,well, for me... read about the Love Elsie Stack on sale at Hobby Lobby, called my sis and she bought me one. Poor thing, I call asking for a $10 stack and she spends over $90 while there...teehee. BUT LUCKY her, her fiance scraps and he spent over $60 also...can you imagine how cool that would be? To have your honey also into scrappin'? My bf Michele's, brother in law has also taken up scrappin', and I think her sis is lucky.

Michael (the mean dh who make me come to work all tired and achy) only goes in my scrap room to try to calculate how much money I've spent. or to find my chocolate stash. (well, he is also proud of the pages), whatta concept that he would actually scrap with me! That would be something.

from 2 peas:
Your unfulfilled dreams. Why so?

Why are my dreams unfulfilled? hmmmmm, I'm pretty content, I don't feel like I have a lot of unfulfilled dreams. A desire of mine since I was a teenager has been to go to Greece and that is going to happen this fall with Michele. But other than that, I just don't have any big time dreams and wishes.

Except that I wish I could have stayed home from work one more day!! HA!


Jess said...

Oh Greece! I'd love to go there! Hope you feel better soon.

Aimeslee said...

OMGosh, your DH is whack. I sure hope you get to feeling better so you can make him pay somehow for doing that to you. I'm so jealous you actually know not one but two men who scrap? That's like some kind of record. Glad you were able to get the stack. I'll have to check that out at HL's Craftsetc website (yup, I'm too lazy to physically go to the store, although I love me some Hobby Lobby!).

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