Wednesday, February 13, 2008

sick girl...

take being tired, stressed by deadlines, always on the go, go, go..
add a slightly sore throat..and what do you get within ONE day...

yup, a case of the full Blown fact Aimeslee described it perfectly in her blog (well, except my boob isn't hurting)her link is here....

"" (can't get link to work)(pooh)

I came to work (because of the deadline) AND YAY between Betsy, myself and Art,
and my co-workers have been great, taking on a lot for me...
and at the same time trying to stay away from me, so I won't breathe on them.

If I am not better tomorrow morning, its the couch and blankie and hot tea for me.

Oh, should I tell ya'll about my meltdown yesterday...picture 46 year old woman throwing a tantrum!! (maybe that's another reason the coworkers are so helpful today)

(better than crossing themselves as they pass me)

from 2 peas: Where do you see yourself in one year...
Thinner...a grandma (don't I just wish)
wearing dd's old clothes...hmmmm
and retired so I can scrap, shop all the time!!



Lida said...

So sorry you are feeling sick, but how cool that you finished what you needed. Hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I've seen that tantum...can we say accouting book flying down the staircase. :)

Aimeslee said...

HI KAREN!!!! It's me, Aimes, the BOOB Whisperer, ROFL. So honored you liked my description, but I just hate that you *know* how I was feeling, ya know?

I also loved the fit you threw. Hey, that's how guys do it. Personally, I think it helped you. Keep up the good work...keep those people wanting to help you, ROFL.