Saturday, February 23, 2008

scrappin plans...

from 2 peas: what are your scrappin plans
There was talk of a crop but though the hostess said she wanted to have a crop, I have not heard any particulars (like her address) I guess its scrappin at home today.

So, lots of housework, little scrappin (I hope) like to do some of the Basic Grey challenges.

My head is 'spinning' know when you have so many thoughts but can't seem to 'catch' one. Last night was spent watching crime solving shows and then Tru Tv's Most Shocking Videos. It is so unbelievable the level of cruelty criminals have sunk to. There are just nothing to really restrain them. They don't respect property, life and esp the law. My son is training to become a police officer, so it was just especially painful for me to watch.

Been organizing my scrap room a little this morning.
read on one of the threads, that someone said the dis-organized their embellies and now have to go through them and is finding stuff and is actually using more...hmmmm sounds a little tempting..also the method of organizing by color...

I recently reorganized my pp. This could be a good next project.

ya'll have a great weekend

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jp said...

I have organized my embellishments by color and LOVE IT! I've blogged about it fairly recently, w/ photos. I actually teach organization classes and always tell ppl it's the BEST thing I've done to organize my stuff. Go for it!! Janet