Tuesday, February 12, 2008

been a while, or it feels like it...

work has been BUSY, trying to make a deadline for the CPA.
and computer access at home has been a challenge. With the kids moved out,
we are down to one computer for me and Michael...and well, he's hooked to the
penny stock boards.. if he's on, I don't get the computer all night.

That was last night.

Mornings have been basically out of the shower, into the car...oh, I am sooooo tired all the time.

even though I was such a 'couch potato' on Sunday, just do not feel rested at all.

so, anyone watch Sarah Conner Chronicles, is the guy playing Derrick Reese yummy or what?

speaking of yummy think I'll link a new blog to my list, the Prima Blog...wonderful and beautiful...

ya'll have a great Tuesday, time for my Butternut Hot Chocolate and to start the work day (poo-ey)

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