Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today was a good day,
We had bible study at our house, working through "The Quest".
Then went to church, to find ds and dil there...what a nice surprise...they were there to talk about a marriage class they took last fall. (Dh and I are going to take it when it starts in March) (aye yi yi... I need to get in touch with feelings...gee, gonna be hard). Anyways, we went to lunch and afterward I went shopping. Used my 50%off coupon to buy a scrap station at Michael's, and organized the last of my pp. Also went to Big Lots because of the peas talking about their 'finds'..but not much there..found a little...

But I did get to work on some scrappin', a new layout for the Scraplift Evolution.
worked with grungeboard again...I really like that does smell a bit, but it is so cool...used my crackle paint on them.

Got back on the treadmill (took some time off while sick),
watched my dvr'd episode of Gone Country,
that Bobby Brown sure is a complicated fellow isn't he?
last week he was such a drunken jerk,
and this week, he was so beautiful with those kids and so real.
I hope he is able to defeat those demons and be the man he was tonight.

happy monday, ya'll!!


Lida said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, I want to try working with grunge board it looks like itrs really cool!
Have a fun week!

jill said...

Hmmm...crackle paint on grungeboard. Now I have an idea! Thanks :)

jp said...

Grungeboard...I have seen it but haven't tried it yet. Hope you post a picture of what you're making! :-)

Love your banner picture, BTW! I also tagged you today on my blog! Thanks for stopping by! Janet

QueenTracy said...

You know I can never find any cool deals at Big Lots either! My store must be at the end of the scrapbooking supply list!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!