Friday, February 8, 2008

my back hurts...

Inspired by the organizing thread, I decided to organize my pp.
So I took all my pp out and stacked them on the floor.

Then reorganized...they are still the same order, vertical files by manufacturer, and horizontal by theme. Wowza, I've been at this for hours, and still have a last bit to decide on. Got a pile of the ones that I simply am not crazy about and will probably get rid of. Funny thing for all the organizing I can think of lines I cannot my BG Obscure and it is driving me CRAZY!!!

from 2 peas:
What are your scrapping plans today?

going to a crop! I'll only be able to go for about 4 hours, but plan to make some pages for my Christmas fill in w/pics and journaling later.

so, ya'll have a great weekend!!


Patter Cross said...

Oh goodness, I remember organizing all of my paper. Wow! I ended up giving away a TON! Hope your back feels better!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

oh my what a task! KUDOS to you!

toners said...

Great job! And enjoy your 4 hours at the crop today :)

ChickenNDumpling said...

Girl i'm compaining about this right now, i really though I was organized... DUH! NO!... I love your blog... what r u going to do with that pp paper.... good luck.. i feel your pain....ladybug