Tuesday, March 3, 2009

almost got in trouble...

for my P365, I pulled out my camera while dh was getting a lottery ticket.

Across the convenience store's parking lot, a bunch of kids were 'hanging out'...so I was going to snap a pic..

dh, "were you going to take a picture of that gang"
me, "sure, for my picture of the day"
dh, "don't take a picture of a gang!"
me, "why not, its a 'slice of life' in this town"
dh, "I don't want them to target my car"

so, I took a pic of the hardware store's interesting entry...what is that column made of anyways?


Sarah C. said...

LOL about the conversation. I had a few weird stares when I pulled out my camera to photograph a gas pump a few weeks ago. :D

As for the store entry, I think they used a corrugated metal pipe as a wrap to conceal the steel column.

Janet said...

hahaha -- Only a scrapbooker could understand this! ;-) Great slice of life photo!