Friday, March 6, 2009

soooooo glad I'm not working today...

Today is a 'save money, have only a few hourly people come in to work day'. It is the company's attempt to not have to do a lay-off. Anyways, I am one of 2 accounting people who got the day off. Now, I love having a day off. But I am not the primary wage-earner of the family. So, I was looking forward to this day in my pj's, maybe even scrapping.

THEN, this morning dh got a call...most of the front office is under 1" of water. The sales end, not in accounting, yet. It's up to the cube next to mine.

Sooooooo, at least in the offices, looks like its a no computer, clean up day.
(guess it would make an interesting P365 picture)

Betsy gave me 2 cd's full of pictures that I am going thru for her wedding scrapbook.
cd #1, had 1505 pictures!!!!! I am in the process of ruthlessly weeding them out.

Well, off to finish the around the house stuff that needs to be done, litter boxes.
Gotta go into town at some point, bank and grocery its not a total pajama day. But if I get the 'stuff' done, I can work on the scrappin' or movie watchin' or something else that is fun! rrrrrrrrright???

If you think about it, pray for dd, Cierra, tomorrow she will be doing something 'unusual' for her....we are not sure of...but its kinda cool...but its...
just praying that whatever the results are its in God's hands.

My friend, Michele, emailed me that America's Next Top Model is accepting girls who are under 5'7". Now, ever since the series started a lot of us have been saying that Cierra should do this. (but at 5'3"...) So, I emailed her the info, and she said 'no thanks, lol'...she is just not interested. And you have to have the 'eye of the tiger' for that was the same with acting in college. If she got a role, great...but she did not go out to every audition and casting call, like some of her fellow acting friends. So, tomorrow has nothing to do with ANTM...I kinda wish it did...she would be amazing...oh well, a girl has to follow her heart, right?

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