Sunday, March 8, 2009

last friday...

last friday, I asked ya'll for prayers for my dd, for something she was doing on Saturday.

Well, I guess I can reveal it now.

She was going to a photo shoot for the Lonestar Dream Girls' calendar. My daughter is accomplished and beautiful and smart, but she isn't really a 'pin up' girl, so I was a li'l worried. Not sure of what would be required of her...but she said though it was definately what Tyra (on ANTM) would call a men's magazine shoot, most of the girls were pretty 'conservative'..only a couple were ...pushing it.

So, here she is, my baby, Lonestar Dreamgirl...Cierra. (look at her eyes in the picture, she would make Tyra proud with her 'fierce' eyes) teehee.

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Sara said...

Yay Cierra! I bet she's having a great time! When is the baby shower for Nyki? I hope you are having a great time planning!!! Blain says "Hello!"