Friday, March 13, 2009

whatta crazy day!

The kids are here!

but it was crazy for them...

they missed their flight. had an issue with the pet boarder, who was not there when they tried to drop their dog off. long story short, they had to make other were late to the plane by about 5 minutes. Options were not good...but they went standby...and after not getting kicked off the plane in San Antonio and Vegas...they finally made it. Long day, no food..but they are here!! Yay!

but they are not here, they stayed with ds and ddil last night. DD went to work with ddil and dsil is going on a ride-a-long with ds's dept. (try to say that fast 3 times)

Of course, the Texas vs CA battle started up quickly. We stopped at an In N Out, and after one bite dsil proclaimed "Yup, In N Out isn't as great as I remembered...WhataBurger is better" Of course, dd had to defend her In N Out.
(I'm not much help, for me, any trips to Texas must include WhataBurger and Cracker Barrel)

And when we arrived at ds's of ds's first comments was "Isn't it great to be back in CA".. dd agreed ...dsil "Oh sure, I can smell the smog, and feel the rudeness around me already"

So, I took today off...mostly to babysit my mom. With the 'event' on Sunday, dh's parents are here. They stay in their American Eagle Coach on our driveway, but my mom does not like his, I'm here to get her out of the house this afternoon when his mom is cooking and doing laundry in our house. I tell you what, sometimes 70 year olds can be worse than a toddler. aye yi yi!


Rachel said...

Great now I am hubrgy for a burger!!! lol!
As for your comment on my blog (thanks by the way!) Yes, feel free to use my idea! That is why I blog and share, as I like to talk!!!!
Enjoy your family!

Dalayney's Doodles said...

Wow! Sounds like you have your plate full. :) Glad I found your blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time with the kids.

Your mom is so funny.