Saturday, March 7, 2009

well, slept through it...

Looks like there was excitement at the home front. @3 am, the police were going up and down the street in front of us, the dogs going bonkers...and I slept thru it!

First words from dh's mouth, "I wish I had that gift"...teehee.

Yesterday, after getting my stuff done was a LAZY day. Did prep the baby shower invitations for today..going to dil's to make them. And printed some pics for Betsy's scrapbook, but after that...movies and the couch. I remember watching most of "Hairspray", that is a fun movie, made me smile. And "Under Suspicion" with Gene Hackman and Morgan Freeman..well acted, but, the movie was less than good, to me.

Did watch Connor Chronicles...soooooo good! I really wanted Riley to win that fight. Oh Well.

And then the last half of America's Next Top Model. Okay, that no like, she is one selfish little _________, and she said she had no friends because she is 'different'...sorry hon, you have no friends cuz you're a li'l b_______... I think I like London or Fo (it is Fo, right?)

So, today its a trip to Livermore, work on those invitations and lunch at Outback, cuz my mommy is in 'the mood' for it. I'm such a good daughter, to 'suffer' so for my mommy...ha!!

this pic is from Weds...had some intense rains then this...

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Scrappy Kind Of Girl said...

What an awesome picture of the rainbow! Wonderful 365 pic! :)