Monday, March 23, 2009

odd weekend of tech issues...

let me count the tech issues:

our oven no longer works...the stove top does, but the oven doesn't, so no Chicken Bruschetta I was planning to make on Friday...Michael tried to fix it, looked at the book and went on an online chat, no progress, so hopefully a repairman will be out here today.

our phone lines went no internet. and with the phone lines down, the alarm kept chirrping (to let us know)..Michael called the phone company (with a cell) and they are up right now, I just don't know how long.

Actually as ya'll can imagine, without internet, I got a LOT done!
finished my Shimelle Christmas Journal, did the last couple of pages of mil's book (now, that one is not my fault, she had to be here so I could finish), organized dd's Europe Album and took care of circle journal layouts.

And last but not least, dh's cell phone went kablooey. It was working till Sunday night.

Took this picture,

I don't know why I have a fascination with taking pictures of the sky. But this was Sat Morning, when the fog was still a blanket on our property and the sun was peeking thru.

I did not go to church on Sunday, was too sad. There is some stuff going on with my mom. So, I took her out instead. We just went out for lunch, with a Blockbuster and Dollar Store stop. She is bored and upset about some things, and is now talking about going back to Texas. Its about time, the pattern is about every 6 months.

She'll go and get too 'stressed' with all the activity over there...come here, get bored, aye yi yi. The problem is she helps create the stressed atmosphere over there, with all her complaining...and that does not help my sis, who is already raising one teen and one tween.. but my sis says she has enjoyed her break. and DH is feeling the need for one. I'm okay with mom and her complaining/negativity but it wears on others. Oh well!

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