Friday, March 20, 2009

got to walk the Expo!

yay! didn't get to stay for classes or crops, it was all last minute..but I figured the $8 parking + the $8 entry fee, made up for shipping if I had bought stuff online.

Bought BG Porcelain, Bazzil trios, Am Crafts pastel cardstock package (gonna be doing baby albums), smooch (bought 2 but must have lost 1 when my bag ripped), stickles (bought 6, brought home 5, another casualty of the split bag)...ribbons, filmstrips with the kid's names...Queen and Co assortment...patterned paper...a disney border punch with princess items.

Cat's Pajamas was there...I just love their stamps...but today I just bought some dew drops Pink and Green.

Too much fun. Now a word to the wise, bring a bag...don't rely on plastic sacks!
luckily Green Tangerine sold reusable bags for $ those 2 items were my only losses.

All I can hope, is that the person who finds them, is someone who is on a tight budget and can really use them.

sooooo...hopefully tomorrow is a day I can stay home and play with my new stuff!!

soooo looking forward to the show in San Jose in August, cuz I plan to do all the stuff there..stay in the adjoining hotel, crop all day and night, shop and take classes...yay!!!


laura vegas said...

have to admit, i didn't even realize the expo was in town. lol! i used to go to all of them in the area too. sorry about your lost items ... i'm sure someone is appreciating them right now though!

A Fanciful Life said...

Glad you had a great time. I didn't go but I'm looking forward to San Jose as well. I had a great time taking classes last year.

Suz said...

Sounds like fun. We went to the one last summer here in Atlanta & loved the selection of products & great prices