Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fudge has come for a visit!

Fudge is a backpacker from Bureau Valley South Elementary School.

He comes to CA from Ill followed by Ky..his next stop is Reno, NV...then off to Houston, TX where my sis will take him to The Masters in GA. An exciting whirlwind of a tour for little Fudge. He needs to be back in Ill in early May.

At work, we had a lot of fun with this little guy.

Today he is going to do 'country' things, ride a horse, a John Deere tractor, maybe scrapbook a little. Gordon gets him back tomorrow so he can continue his journeys.


Sarah C. said...

What fun! I bet Fudge has had some amazing adventures during his travels. :)

*Monica* said...

What a cute idea! You should scrap the pictures of Fudge's adventures =)