Friday, March 27, 2009

been a while,

crazy schedule, not much time at home.

Yesterday I got my Amazon package, "Twilight"!! So last night was spent watching both dvd's. Good thing CSI was not on, so no conflict of schedule. Some things, in the 2nd watching, I saw more of Bella's clumsiness..I liked that. But I do find Kristen Stewart to be so one-toned throughout the movie. And she 'grunts' a lot, did you notice a lot of breathed out 'grunt' noises..."huuuuuh"... Her best acting was on the floor of the ballet studio, when she is in a daze, writhing in pain and not saying anything!!

I saw her a little bit in "The Land of Women", and she was the same. The kitchen scene wher Meg Ryan tells her she is being tested for if you tell your dd you are being tested for cancer, how would she react?

But it took "Face Off" for me to see John Travolta as an actor.

Let's see, dd got an official job offer! Last week it was a preliminary based on her background check..Weds it was official. She starts April 6...yay!!

DS is not an Oakland police officer, but in a town very close. He had an opportunity to pay his respects at the viewing of one of the officers. He has been did not have an opportunity to participate in the memorials. There was a call out for neighboring department police to volunteer to work Oakland today, so all Oakland officers could attend the memorial. DS's dept had 37 volunteers, the next highest amount of volunteers was 10. DS's dept has a reputation of being 'strict'... they do have to deal with Oakland spillover...anyways, its been very tough on him. Esp those who call this killer a "hero and a soldier"...very disheartening.

How did we get to this place in society, where some would laud the actions of this monster? Is it media glorifying violence and criminal activity? Instead of people being responsible for their heinous acts they are seen as victims? I just don't get it.


Lida said...

Congratulations to your daughter and I´m glad you are liking ur dvds, I´m not into them (not my style) but they are huge everywhere!

Sarah C. said...

Congrats to your DD on the job offer! And how thoughtful of your DS and so many of his fellow officers to volunteer so the OPD officers could take that time to remember their friends. I can't begin to wrap my head around the sick thing that guy did and especially those people who are labeling him a hero. No, he was a coward at best.