Monday, March 9, 2009

a couple of things..

I got my last stamp from Simon Says!! ordered 1-15-09, last stamp rec'd 3-09-09!
I was very happy to close my claim with Paypal. It took a while, but I don't feel like I was robbed. Will not order from them again, but so glad to get my items.

now a fun story...
ds has a new nickname on the force... Gazelle.

on Thursday, during a foot pursuit, his fellow officers had captured the fellow behind some warehouses...ds saw that they were struggling with him, and scaled and jumped a fence to get to the scene...and help them apprehend him. A Sargeant was behind ds, and told him..."That was a great wall scale, and you leapt over the fence like a gazelle, but did you realize that the gate was open?"..teehee. Rookie!!

Well, he certainly does not get it from his mother. After posting this, while getting some water from the garage fridge, I caught my toe on the patio steps and went SPLAT!! Water and woman all over the make it worse, dh was there!
landed hard on my hands, knee and my poor toe! oh well, had to skip the treadmill!


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