Wednesday, March 18, 2009

been busy...

well, on Tuesday, dh and I celebrated 25 years. Over the weekend was the actual celebration...last night was very low key, we opened our gift and cards...thanks everyone, we loved every one of them.

dh is having a difficult week at work...lots of problems. He has spent the last couple of nights (even now,as I type) having his "therapy" on his tractor. Think Forrest Gump driving around in circles.

I like coming home when the sun is still up. It helps me to treadmill. Coming home when it is dark already, just made me feel too tired. (I know its all mental, but I could not seem to overcome it). But now, I just have more 'energy' to use it.

I am still taking P365 pictures, but am running behind on the layouts.

Wish I could scrapbook...I am taking Friday off..same reason as last week, mil is going to arrive, so I need to get mom busy.

I got my March Stampin with Steph kit today...I wanna play!!

I really love the upcoming April kit...the colors are what ddil is planning for Adriana's room...maybe I should get 2!


Lida said...

Congratulations on the anniversary and hope all problems are solved soon.

Sarah C. said...

Congrats on your anniversary! What a terrific milestone! :)

Hope things improve for your DH at work. And, I fully get the mental thing with the time change. I feel so much more energized now when I get home and it's still light out.