Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Layout RX please

here are a couple of the layouts I struggled with during the crop:

this one I feel okay about. I liked separating the one pic with the pigeons and surrounding dd with that is why she was carrying the umbrella. (she has a fear of birds and their pooh) I like the trim...the paper is 7Gypsies Marketplace, I don't often work with such 'serious' paper...but feel like the lo not quite finished...I know I need to add a title in the block...but any other ideas?

this one I really struggled with at the crop..but when I got home and added the alcohol inks and the came together, kinda.

Now, this is more like colors...Prima Papers and flower...I like this one

The past couple of nights have been pretty mellow around here. Monday, dh had dinner with an out of town friend and last night he had his Tues night meeting. I like having the house to myself. Monday, I had a bowl of cereal with bananas for dinner.

Then it happened. As I opened the new milk gallon, I almost reached for the ring under the cap. You see, Marshall loved to play fetch with them. And it hit me, how different the house is without him. How Quiet...he would meow loudly as soon as you got home..for his dinner and yours. And how loud even his purrs were. Sure do miss that boy...


renee lamb said...

I think each one of your layouts are great! but I think it's always easier to scrap with papers that inspire you (like you mentioned on your last one)!

rmeyfe said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog!! I just wanted to let you know that those papers on the Grandpa layout are Sassafrass Bungle Jungle I believe!! :)

Katherine said...

I like your layouts! They all look great, and don't *need* anything more :) If you feel like the first one is still wanting for a little something - maybe some type of a flourish in the bottom right corner, overlapping the center photo a little bit?

Re: Marshall - You'll still have those moments. I was having a hard boiled egg last week, and just about dropped half of the yolk in the dog bowl when I remembered Weezer doesn't like them; that was Ziggy's thing.