Sunday, October 7, 2007

alcohol ink tags, and alcoholics

here's a sampling of the alcohol ink tags I'm making for a goodie bag exchange with my scrap group next weekend. The Christmas ones are not quite done.

2 peas question about getting together w/fellow scrappers. I am lucky, to be part of a small local group. We get together at least once a month. But the next couple of months, have added a craft prepare for the holidays.

Not much happening, the inlaws have been down, so, well you know.
We had the family over last night, Dh's parents, brothers, sig others and J and Nyki, a total of 10 for dinner. Dinner was nice, after...well, there are a lot of drinkers in this not so great for me. I did sneak away to work out on the treadmill. Lets just say I've never been comfortable around people who drink like that, the 'sniping', loudness, ...nah, not interested. One person, won't say who, got so he/she was constantly repeating him/herself and could not stand.
I'm just not impressed by people who get this way.

Why do this? They think they are 'functioning' drunks, but NOT!

oh well, I'll get off my soap box. just letting ya'll know, I HATE IT!!!

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Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Sorry about the family issues....been there done that so you are definitely in my thoughts & prayers. I want to say I do love your tags...I just bought some of the inks & hopefully will have time to play with them soon.