Saturday, October 27, 2007

crops and Beatrice

from 2 peas:
Whats one thing you look for in a crop?

I ain't picky, I just wanna crop. But when I get there, I like plenty of space, good lighting and M&M's. Its always nice when basic die cut tools and such are provided. I've been to crops by myself and with friends. Thoug friends is nice, I'm good by myself also.

Its been a couple of days since blogging. Beatrice has not been feeling good the past couple of days. I even left work early, cuz I thought it was going to get ugly for a while. Oh, Beatrice is my tummy. Yes, I've named my tummy. Since she is such a BIG part of my life, I figured we may as well be friendly and gave her a name.
I know most women name their boobies...dd did at a young age...okay, C won't give you away...teehee.

Anyone watch Women's Murder Club on Friday nights, its a good show, I like it.
but the end, when the coroner seduces her husband was sooooo me. (okay, I am so bad with names, last night I just figured out the lead character is Lindsay)
ANYways, she was complaining to Lindsay that the s*x life has been nothing, since hubby is in a wheelchair,"able", but not motivated. So Lindsay said, "It's up to you." and gave her a cute little she goes to her husband (who is watching tv in bed) and simply says, "I'm here to seduce you". He turns off the tv, "I'm interested"...she says how in her head she had planned a dance and all..but it was easier in her head....and that would be soooooo me! I could never dance around for dh! I'm embarrassed, when no one is home, and I catch myself dancing around the house! I think the cats are ROFL'ing.

oh well, I think I'm going to work today, to catch up on quarterly sales tax after a li'l housework...thrilling, huh

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Sherry said...

LOL - GREAT blog entry!!!