Monday, October 15, 2007

rude comments

from 2 peas:
What do you think of ppl who leave hurtful anonymous comments?
Your thoughts?....

I find it cowardly and unacceptable. And sad, why lash out at someone, esp publically, who you don't even know? I try to keep my comments positive, or don't say anything. (I admit, sometimes, I don't post anything cuz I think what I have to say may sound stupid.)

Once when someone asked for a critique of a project and I did not think she made the best choice in photoshopping her picture, I sent a private message to let her know how I thought and why.

I'm also a little leery of those who create new id's to start 'something' on the boards, like last weeks HOF stuff...

oh, Michele, I'm on the phone with C right now, she said she loved Portugal, the people were friendly, the only observation is it was a little 'dirtier' than some other poo left on the ground and all...she said that is in a lot of European cities..guess they don't have the laws and regulations that we do about disposing your pets' waste.

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