Wednesday, October 17, 2007

an artiste? nah....prob not a swapper either.

from 2 peas....Share four things about yourself that make you the person you are today as a creator/artist

I don't consider myself a creator/artist...I just enjoy scrappin my family memories.
so those four things would be:

1) I am a nurturer...I love to that my kids are grown and a li'l out of that picture (I do still try, a little) , I spoil my cat.

2) I am a busy-body...yes, I wanna know what is going on in my kid's lives, of course, it is altruistic...I just wanna scrap it for ya! ha!

3) I am a I do have great stuff to pursue this hobby with.

4) I have time and space now...with kids grown and a scrap room...

I'm having some trouble with the last swaps I've been in.
One swap, nothing from the person who was supposed to send me a package, I sent hers early and really thought it out and packaged it in a fun way...used one of those Target Tinkerbell purses for the ribbon and such...and nothing.

The other swap, I don't get much of a thank you. I even 'angeled' a couple of ladies who were left out..., so in 2 swaps, I sent out 4 sent me a nice heartfelt email..and that was sooooo appreciated. One sent me a pea-mail and all it said was 'you are my angel' in the title I guess that is an acknowledgement. The latest acknowledgement...not even a note that she rec'd it.

I feel like I send out nice packages. I certainly spend more than asked for. Hers was Basic Grey 'Mellow' package set , prima flowers, brads, ribbon..stapler w/colored staples, cookies and a CD...

But maybe I'm all "wet" and I should stop swapping.

Oh, and I still have not rec'd my package from the person who is supposed to send to me, but I did receive a peamail letting me know what has come up to delay it...and I appreciate it.

oh well...such a tiny thing...but it does bother me.

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