Saturday, October 6, 2007

pumpkin patch and the art of the flirt

from 2 peas: Do you like to go to the Pumpkin patch to pic your own or do you just get time at the store? Share a fun photo

no, pumpkin patch...maybe when grandkids are in the pictures, but here is a 'fun' pic of the 'kids'...Jim, C, Keoni, Jason...the boys have been friends since 4, 5 years old, so, C considers all of them her big 'bros'. And, cuz she did not 'connect' with the girls in the neighborhood, she practically grew up with them.
One reason she is so comfortable with guys, and didn't act all 'stupid' around them in Jr. High...oh, the girl could/can flirt, but she never looked stupid doing it.

Actually, she has it down to an art, just ask her Macy's co-workers from her days at the men's fragrance counter. I went to pick her up one day, and saw her do the cutesy head tilt...think she got this from one of her stage roles, Karla Zeller from Oklahoma Rigs. Really, I was just waiting for her to giggle and walk her fingers up his arm.

Yesterday, was a tough day...the electricity went out right before my wake-up time at 7am..well, no electricity, no water (our water is off a pump), so I had to go to work without a shower. YUCK. THen, no access to my personal email all day.
Then, toward the end of workday, 2 peas goes kablooey...can only type titles, nothing else. But when I got home, at 7pm, I went directly to bed and did not regain conscienceness till 2 am. So, I feel great this morning!! Lots of sleep and according to Dh, I took a 30 min shower!!!

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