Wednesday, October 3, 2007

inspiration and consequences

from 2 peas:When you are stuck and need some inspiration. Where do you turn?

it happened recently, I was working on some layouts for J's Marine Corp album, and it felt a li'l blah to me. So, I checked out the Pea gallery for some guy layouts.

Yes I do get a lot of inspiration from the 2 peas gallery and blogs.

I'm watching the news, so disgusting. Do you remember the line from Batman Begins,
" Criminals thrive on the indulgence of society's understanding."
(I know he turned out to be the badguy, cuz he wanted to destroy the entire city)
But I guess I am just a "law and order" girl, if someone is guilty of a crime, they should be punished. Simple. No, don't punish them all the same, like cutting off their hands, it should be according to scope and all. But there should be consequences EVERY time.

Like raising our kids, consequences for chosen behavior. That was my mantra.
When J brought home rocks from the church playground, I made him take them back,
cuz you know, the church had to pay for those rocks...and I hope I taught him to respect other people's property.

J was asked over the weekend if he considered border patrol, as he is looking into law enforcement for his career. He said, yes, but the 2 agents who were put in jail for shooting that drug runner in the butt, changed his mind. And I agree, why should he put his life on the line, for an agency that DOES not have his back!!

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