Sunday, October 14, 2007

My friend Michele came down, we met in Tracy, did our running around, but while at Youngplays, I got a call...the local crop is cancelled. The young mother hosting the crop had to take her daughter to the doctor Sat morn. Soooooo...Michele and I set up at my house, on the dining nook table and went at it. It was fun.

She is working on her grandson's book...a baby book!! insert sigh...and I'm working on my daughter's Europe trip.

Michele is a 'beginner' scrapper, one of the things we bought her in Tracy was her first rolling tote.. so my scrap room with all my stuff overwhelms her a little.

We had a great time, now Cassandra (the cat pictured above) was less than thrilled. We set up in 'her' by 9 pm, she settled herself on Michele's stack of papers, growling all the way.(top pic) When Michele tried to give her a pet, Cassandra snapped at I moved grumpy Cassandra onto the couch.

Around 10:30 Michele and I went to bed, when we woke up this morning we found Cassandra happily curled up on the chair Michele was using! (bottom pic)

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