Wednesday, October 10, 2007

monthly kits..and stinky room

from 2 peas: Do you get a monthly kit? If so what do you like about getting a monthly kit

yes!!, I get two now...I am a Scrapaholic and Bad Girls...and I love both
what I like is that someone who knows what they are doing chooses coordinating paper, embellishments for me...but does not pre-lay it out for me...and I can make great looking layouts! I have links to both on this blog.

and I love the websites and ideas the DT's have. They are non-snarky sites, too!

also, this month I picked up an Oct Jenni Bowlin kit, just too yummy to pass up!!

Yes, I have an extensive kit collection that I file together by kit.

A couple of days ago I complained about the drinking in dh's family,
how do you like this: (I paraphrased from an email to my dd)(its her room)

a couple of family members spent the night Saturday, and yesterday I walked into the room, cuz my friend Michele is coming over so I wanted to prepare the room for her, and...

the room smelled like stale alcohol and cigarettes!!
I am sooooo mad! DH says he doesn't think they were smoking and drinking in the house, so I guess this just emenated from his/her pores as he/she slept.

so, I've had windows open and been Febreezing the room
not only am I gonna wash sheets, I'm gonna wash the comforter too
(it is white taffetta, one of a kind, made of old gowns, from ebay, wish me luck)

Hell, I may just throw away the pillows on the bed

as you can tell, I am 'spitting' mad.


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