Monday, October 8, 2007

This was from an email sent to me, isn't that just a cool pic!

from 2 peas: Share with us one technique you find your self using on layouts over and over again....

I still like to ink and is that called distressing? would you believe I've just discovered double matting (over the summer) ...but I'm excused, I'm so new to this, right? scrap lifting is a fave technique, too!! ha!!

its Monday, and my back hurts and I am so tired. Barely got out the door before my deadline, (I commute w/dil) and she is a former Marine, who likes to be ON TIME!!

Longhorns lost to the Sooners, honestly, I'm not big on sports, but this game is important cuz one of dd's friends is a diehard Sooners fan...and I just want the Longhorns to whip 'em. Just so I can tease him. Oh well. I was thinking of inviting him for Thanksgiving, but not anymore!!!

I'm just counting down the days till my friend Michele comes down and we go cropping. My sis was at a crop down in Houston for the weekend, when I talked to her she said, " I'd be so proud of her, she's using all kinds of stuff on her pages and spending all kinds of money. and since she has so much stuff, she'll have to send some to me, cuz she'll never use it all!!" YAY!! I am proud of her! esp when she shares!!

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