Friday, October 5, 2007


2 peas, weekend plans...

boohoo, don't get me started.

my inlaws are down, they arrived Weds and will stay till Monday,
so, interrupts my tv schedule, no ANTM on Weds, 1/2 of CSI last night.
so, prob no scrap time this weekend. but I gotta do some tags, for a goodie bag exchange next weekend.

I make it sound worse than it is..I enjoy my in-laws...they are very nice and mil cooks great. And since we all work, she has made dinner for us.

I just miss, the li'l block of "me" time I've gotten so spoiled with. (frownie smiley here)

It's funny, dh LOVES to entertain, he is constantly looking and asking people to come over for so much, wow, me..not ever. But I guess its cuz I feel like I have to clean the house and stop everything and it adds more work and all. Now, I don't cook, he does, so that is not an issue.

But I am having company next weekend, my BF from high school, (yes, high school)
(I am 46 yrs old) is coming down and we are going to Youngplay in Tracy, then an all day crop with my local group. NOW that is what I call entertaining a guest!! HA!!!

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