Friday, October 12, 2007

yoohoo! crop weekend and tips for travel in Italy

from 2 peas: Scrappin plans!!

Been waiting for this weekend!! Michele and I are gonna meet for breakfast, then shop at Youngplays!! then go to an all day crop with my local group.

BUT I haven't had time to prep for it, dh has rediscovered online video poker, so if he gets home before I do (which is all the time) I don't get the computer for the night. And I have a Kodak Easy Share printer set up to this computer, so I need to print some pics and pick some papers for tomorrows crop. Guess this will be after work tonight, as dh is out of town!!

Cierra called from Italy, yesterday. It was a brief call. But in that time, I did hear the squealling of car tires and honking of horns. (it was 10 am our time and 6pm her time) Which reminded me of what my co-worker has been telling me about Italian drivers:

1) Do not try to cross the road, unless you are with a nun. Because they WILL hit you. (not to injure you, but to nudge you out of the way)

2) When in Rome, find a corner cafe around 5pm, kick back and prepare to enjoy the show. since Italians talk with their hands, its chaos!!

3) You gotta ride in a taxicab at least once. It will be the ride of a life.

When I repeated this to C., her response was an emphatic..."I am NOT getting into one of THOSE cars!!" My co-worker's response..."chicken!!"

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