Monday, November 26, 2007

friendship essential. and a lesson learned

from 2 peas:

What is the essential core of friendship for you?

Honesty, I always appreciate honesty in a friendship...I find that I am drawn to people who are even very blunt in their honesty...some people are put off by that, may see it as rude, but I find it refreshing and delightful. Maybe because that is how my mom is. But I'd say my closest friends are those who will look me in the eye, and tell me when I am wrong. Some are subtle (like Michele) some are godly (like Lucy) and some are just blunt (like Francine). Even my dd and dil are honest with me, and I appreciate it.

well, I learned a little lesson yesterday.
We have 6 people living at the house for now. 2 over 40, 4 in their 20's...we are sharing one set of washer and dryer...and those machines were busy all weekend.

Well, I had a load to put in the when the dryer buzzer went off, I went to check..I thought it was dd's laundry (so no big deal). I see these red/green/white nylon shorts, so I thought, she got herself some shorts from I pull them out to see...

Oh, they were shorts from Italy, from Florence...yeah
there was a picture from the statue of David, a picture of his male-ness,
placed at the anatomically correct place on the shorts!

It wasn't disgusting, just surprising, so I let out a loud gasp!!
who should run in to check on me? DD and Chris! They thought I saw a mouse or spider. As soon as he realizes what is going on, Chris tells dd, 'she saw the shorts!' and started laughing so hard, he was doubled over. DD tells me, 'it was
just a joke....' in between her own giggles.

Lesson learned, when sharing a washer/dryer with young people..and the buzzer goes off, yell out 'the machine is done', do not open the door!!!

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