Friday, November 30, 2007

goodness...and good news..

from 2 peas: Define Goodness...

I think goodness is ultimately practiced when we truly do put others before ourselves. When we think of someone elses needs, both physical and emotional and seek to fulfill those needs, even without reward to ourself.

Goodness is also in the first taste of fresh baked brownies, the smell in the air after a rainstorm, the feel of my cat's fur in the morning, the sound of genuine heartfelt laughter and the sight of a package delivered to me!!

Good news...

It's official, my son is a new recruit for a Bay Area police dept. Because he values his privacy, I'll only say its a town South of San Francisco and North of San Jose. Orientation starts Dec 10, the acadamy starts Dec 17...YIKES!!
I'm happy for him, because this is his dream...but...a police officer!

So, son and dil are making plans to move into an apt closer to his I can turn the suite of rooms into my library/crop room, right...But this morning I got the news that my sister is engaged!! Soooooo, my mom wants to move back to Ca with us!!!

My mommy is coming home!! poor Michael...

and I get to buy a new Christmas tree, Michael went to pull it out of the garage for me, and says it reeks of mouse urine. a reason to shop! oh, I never need a reason, do I?

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Barbara Eastwick said...

My congrats and best wishes to your son. It's an honorable profession.

I ended up buying a couple of new trees this year, too. I went with unlit - so I had to buy extra lights as well. Oh well. That's my job for today - finishing getting them all set up!

Have fun with your tree shopping and decorating!