Thursday, November 15, 2007

had a good time at my stampin up class, Terry taught us how to "diaper fold" to make paper holders (used Apple Cider paper) and we made coaster ornaments (using their Wintergeen paper)...wintergreen looks ho-hum in the catalog, but IRL very nice.
They are having a buy 3 packs get one guess who spent too much money, again!

So, I come home, only to find the above cat, Castor, in my craft room. (This is the only pic on my work computer..but you can tell his personality from it)
Anyways, yesterday during lunch I made a Walmart run, and had bought the mega-stockings filled with cat toys. Well, guess what I found out of the bags and on the floor of my craft room...the stocking of toys...and guess who was looking oh, so innocent. I tell you, Castor is worse than a toddler...but I sure will miss him when the kids move and take him...
But, then.. I can put my Scarlett O'Hara doll back on the entertainment center...I had to put her up on the mantle, cuz Castor was fascinated by the feathers in her hat.

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