Sunday, November 25, 2007

last movie...and...

from 2 peas:
what was last movie you watched?
does High School Musical on Friday count? as far as going to the Theater...ummm, last May, saw Georgia Rules...or DVD, would probably be Transformers.

So, yesterday DH met 'the boy'(Chris)...he did very well, kinda.
He introduced himself and told Chris,"mi casa, tu casa"..then supervised while Chris worked on his brakes and rotors. DD and I had to leave for an appointment,
so by the time we got back, Chris and DS were in the "back forty" shooting at targets...DH was reading a paper in the garage. The rest of the day was spent with the 3 of them fixing a section of fence and Chris rode the horse. By the end of the day, the boys had bonded. DH even told DD, "when do you bring him back?"

We have a nice dinner, and right after everyone eats...DH pulls out his "Application to Date my Daughter"...Chris was a good sport and verbally answered each question.
We were laughing so hard..there was one question that said something about "What part of Don't Touch My Daughter don't you understand", at this time DD had her hand on Chris's DH gestured at her to move her hand...she responded, "it doesn't say I can't touch him!!"

After dinner, we are standing around talking and DH says, 'hurry up and have babies"
DD and I were so flabbergasted, we left..then he says, "I sure do know how to clear a room!" Chris simply explained he wanted to finish school before babies.

Just too much fun.. Watch out mothers of daughters!! Your Hubby's can become goofballs (oh, my dh already was one) when their 'princess' brings home a boy!

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