Tuesday, November 13, 2007

From 2 peas:
I spend a lot of time online because...
I'm addicted!!!

pure and simple.

I'm having a busy week, which I love, last night was a craft night with the girls, we learned how to make 'pinecone' ornaments from styrofoam shapes with folded paper and lots of pins...but they are so cute...even Nyki liked it when I brought it home.
Thinking of making a 'fall' one for the thanksgiving table.

Weds, is my Stampin Up stamp class...Terry always has cool projects and techniques.

Sat is potluck at church and Sunday is a crop (yay!!) and Monday...I PICK UP MY ANGEL from the Airport!!! insert happy dance. I'm even smiling at work and that causes my co-workers to wonder what I am up to!!

I haven't seen her since August!! and she hasn't downloaded pics since Switzerland,okay a couple from Ibiza and a couple from Italy, but not a lot!!
sooooo I am hoping she has a camera full to download...or I may send her back.

My baby is coming hooooome, my baby is coming hooooome...yay, yay, yay!!!

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