Saturday, November 24, 2007

creativity is important

from 2 peas:
Why is creativity important?
I think creativity is important because it takes us outside of ourselves, it is a way to express what is inside..I cannot imagine a world without the arts, without would be a very cold mechanical world.

My feet are still hurting from yesterday's shopping!! DD and I got up at 2:30 am to be at Mervyn's opening at 4 am. YIKES!! Then, I was so stupid, went to Wallyworld a li'l after their 5am opening...CRAZY-NESS...but some good doorbusters...but there was NO getting into the electronics dept. Then off to the mall, Macy's, Sears, Borders Books...C tried Victoria's Secret, but there was no way to even get in!!
The worst line was Express, curved throughout the store. So while C was in the dressing room I got in line...and their sale was only 20% off!! BUT we were done by 11AM...and had a nice Olive Garden lunch, our waiter was J's best friend in high school, so we gave him a mega-tip...and went home and napped!! Pulled out my credit card and told dh, 'its melting!!, see the smoke coming off this thing?"

I was so tired, my own snoring would wake me up a couple of times!!

I watched High School Musical, I wanted to see what the hype was about...
it was cute!! and the tunes were catchy...I just might get a cd!!

and around midnight, the 'boy' arrived, but it was so late, we have not officially welcomed him yet. DH (completely 'egged on' by DS) was going on about how he would step out on the driveway with his wife-beaters and boxers, pretend to have chewing tobacco and of course, his shotgun...but he slept.

I told dd that 'I'm sorry, I probably should have had 3 more daughters so you wouldn't be the only one, and they wouldn't carry on like that" Geeeeeee

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