Thursday, November 1, 2007

class choice and well, a note about bugs

from 2 peas:
Let's talk classes at LSS
What is a class you would love to attend/see at your LSS?

I really enjoyed the Tim Holtz alcohol ink class I took and I would sign up for one of his classes again, what I liked in the class was how he concentrated on technique instead of doing a project. So, I'd like more technique classes.

Got a funny email from dd this morning, she is presently in Italy, she'll be home on the 19th...

"ALSO, can we PLEASE have the clark man come right before i get there... it will be SO nice to be in a bed where i am not being bitten... the garlic pills havent helped too much lately... PLUS, just the fact that everytime you itch in bed here, its usually because a bug actually is crawling on you! it would just be really nice to enjoy sleeping without freaking out everytime i have an itch... "

tee hee, is it mean to laugh? Traveling Europe as a poor college student, staying in hostels is character building, right?

When Michele and I go on our cruise in Italy and Greece next year, we are going to be in a stateroom on the Grand Princess, I don't think bugs will be a problem for us!! but we don't need to build character, cuz we are characters...ha!!!

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Anonymous said...

And we won't be staying in hostels in Rome and Venice!!