Tuesday, November 6, 2007

In less than two weeks I'll be picking up Cierra from LAX...I miss her and can't wait till she is home. But I think I've already made 4 or 5 appointments for her in the first couple of weeks she is home. Hey, when you are gone so long, you need to take care of things. AND hopefully she'll have TONS of photos to download...she says it wasn't easy, cuz it was time consuming at the internet cafes. She is in Greece now.

I left work early yesterday, I think it may have been a 'reaction' to my decongestant, I took one, then I got all 'flushed' (you know red creeping across my nose and cheeks) and clammy so I came home had soup and slept. I don't feel 100% today, a little sinus headache, sore throat and all, but that is not contagious, and I can work, so I'm going in...just a little late. I'm going to take my time getting ready, have something hot to drink...take a tylenol sinus. there is too much to do to stay home. go...go...go

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