Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ya'll are probably wondering why I don't have many pics and layouts of ds and dil...well, let me tell you...Those stinkers don't take pictures!!

They went to a Renassaince Faire, "hey, kids, take pictures!!" "don't worry we will"
They come back with 12 pictures, they forgot the memory card, it was a new camera...okay learning curve!! Out of the 12 pics, are they in them? NO!!
pics of a sign, of the Queen, of acrobats, but none of the I explain to dil, I WANT PICS OF YOU AND J!!!...(good explanation, huh?)

So, last weekend they went to Oregon to celebrate the Marine Corps Birthday with my inlaws..great time for pics, right? Pics I was planning to use in my yearly letter. So, "hey, kids, take pictures!!" "don't worry we will"...when they come home..."where are my pics?".."um, we left the camera in the truck"...

Now, they are going camping this weekend with a family from church...I am sooooo tempted to call the mom and ask her to make sure they take pics!!!


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