Monday, May 12, 2008

OMG!! Saturday..1st half

To set the stage, I have been going to bed after 11 and waking up around 5 really getting sleep deprived. My head starts making lists early, so I get up to write them down and get as much done as possible, Saturday is no exception.

We are to meet the boys at the Fallbrook home, to await delivery of the chairs, tables, linens, dance floor, speaker system. Now this is the morning after the bachelor party, but Chris does show up, with his best man, Tyler and his little brother Jackson.

sidenote: When Jackson and his grandparents flew in, the airlines lost their luggage, as of Saturday morning, they were still waiting for the luggage to be delivered. can we count this as another travel incident..#3?

Anyways, we soon get a call from the delivery guys, they are close but having a hard time finding the house, so Chris gave them directions...yay, they are close, we can be out of there early and move on to the other errands.

We wait, and wait and wait...they are really lost. (call this lost delivery guys incident #1)..Chris ends up driving down to the main road to meet them at a landmark and lead them to the house. When they do arrive, we start to unload, set up and hit the road, after 11:00

Greg and Laura, who opened their home to us are absolutely wonderful and gracious, top notch people...and they love my dd. Their home is stunning in the North County hills, overlooking a bird'll see in the pictures. They bought the model home, complete with all the upgrades and decorations and furniture and landscaping, so their home looks like, well, a designer model home.

So, I have a little time before Costco, so decide to go to Target and pick up last minute stuff..a small table for the unity stand...and stuff, including goo-gone cuz the serving pieces I bought at Ross on Thursday had super PERMANENT adhesive.

Now, dd and dh went to Margot's house, continuing flower incident, as Margot called that morning saying that with the next day being Mothers Day and since the flower market was picked over on Friday, she did not think the deep blue hydrengea stems would even be available....BUT...she has 6 heads of pink hydrengea and floral paint, so they could stop by and get some from her. YAY !! a solution, and a no cost one also.

As I was driving to Costco, I started crying, and called Cierra to bring hubby to Costco, not knowing how on earth I was going to even get all those trays to the car!!

Oh, fridge situation, ....

oops got to get of the computer, dh is back, time to load up car and leave.
to be continued,
same bat channel, same bat time...and all that.

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