Friday, May 2, 2008

summa cum laud...or magna...

from 2 peas: You win a scholarship to go back to school for any four-year degree you want. What will you study?

That's funny, because back in my own Jr. College days, I used to plan to study accounting for a career, then go back and study psychology because it is interesting.
And that is what I would do. Though I'd also be interested in sociology and history.
I'd love to see the psychology behind the 'waves' of history, and why we as a society seem so 'doomed' to repeat it, as opposed to learn from it.

But the title is for my children...I got a call from dd yesterday, she told me that a couple of days ago, she got a note in her box. Asking her to attend Thurs morning chapel, as that will be an awards ceremony, and she has received one. Now, she works mornings, from 6:30 am to 10:30 am, and figured she would just stand with a crowd of kids who earned a certain GPA and the Dean's she did not ask for the time off. After classes, she went to the office and was told that she is one of 2 graduates the sociology dept is honoring this year. She will be on the website and her name will be engraved on a plaque in the dept office. She was blown away,
this year with the semester in Europe, and then this semester, with working, planning a wedding, living off campus, she has not been very involved on campus.
(like she was previous years) So, she really did not expect this.

AND, a little while ago, ds is also getting his name on a plaque at the police academy. For running a distance under a minute.

So, last night dh and I were talking about our 'award winning' children, and of course taking credit...

We did conclude that dd does take after me, I did graduate high school in the top 10% and in Jr. College was on the Dean's List and joined an academic fraternity, Phi Theta Kappa....and ds does take after him, as in Jr. High he ran track and won all his meets except county.

Also, dd is considering continuing with law school, specializing in family law.
So, ds is going to be a cop on the street and dd is going to be in the courtroom.
Hey, maybe that's an idea for a new reality show....ha!!

I've often thought about seeing them in the Amazing Race together. With their oil and vinegar personalities, it would be interesting tv!! But they would fight so much, they would probably be one of the first to go home!!

The pic is an example of that, this was taken after ds returned home from the Corps,
well, he was pointing his finger for the picture, dd slapped it away, ds pushed I took the picture!! Cuz that is what my kids are like.

have a terrific Friday...tommorrow is NSD!! got a crop!! yay, yay!!


Lida said...

Congratulations to your kids and to their proud parents!!! Love that layout and how nice that they are so much like you.

Sarah C. said...

Congrats to your kids! And congrats to you and your DH - you must have done a good job raising those two. Even if they do have a little bicker or two. :) Hope you have fun at your crop tomorrow!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

thanks for sharing

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