Sunday, May 25, 2008

thank you for your warm thoughts,

Michelle is gone. She passed away Saturday morning, we got the call first thing.
All I can hold onto is that it was peaceful for her and that she had no fear, only beauty in her last moments.

In many ways, this is the way I'd like to go when it is my time, you know.

Our biggest concern is my bil. We are afraid he will 'lose' himself in drink, or be vulnerable to his ex-wife, Lindabitch, as she was 'trying' to get back with him even before all this. Just the thought of LB living in Michelle's home makes all of us sick. So please continue to pray for Gordon.

I spent the day scrapping. Guess it is my therapy. I want to do a beautiful layout for Michelle featuring butterflies, as during her last speaking moments, she talked about chasing a butterfly.

I've also been working on dd's wedding album. Now I know why this is soooo hard, you want every page, every touch to be as beautiful as the wedding.

Love to all of ya'll, and remember to embrace every moment.


Lida said...

Michelle is in a better place now and how your bil feels as good as possible in these circumstances, sending you a warm hug and yes scrapbooking is an awesome therapy.

Sarah C. said...

Sorry to read of Michelle's passing. :( Prayers for you all especially Gordon during this difficult time and the days ahead. Glad you have found some therapy in your scrapbooking. I think a page of Michelle with butterflies would make a beautiful tribute.