Thursday, May 29, 2008

collections and my 'and then some'

from 2 peas: Share with us something you collect and what got you started collecting these items...

Oh, I am a collector. In the past it was pig figurines (early 90's), tins...I also collect a Porcelein Christmas doll and a nutcracker every Christmas. I am now actively collecting scrapbook supplies...but the collection I've maintained the longest and still love is my colored glass. I just love the way light shines thru colored glass. The pic above is my 'blue' glass collection in my laundry room.
I also have some pink, green and red. It started with a QVC show about Fenton Art Glass...I bought a cranberry carnival basket and 2 pink candlesticks...the addiction was started. I don't limit myself to Fenton, but any piece that catches my eye.
I love to find pieces at antique stores, or cheap stuff at Marshalls.

I am waiting for Kristen (she's the personal trainer)...she passed her accredation test, so its official. I so dread my workouts with her, but I know I need it.
I'm up to 30 pushups..and my dips are squats look like a professional!! HA!!! Oh well, the price I pay for letting myself 'go'.

But I have lost the 'and then some' that people tell you you are going to gain after a 'diet'...about 2 summers ago, I went on the Curve and exercise routine.
(the diet is a modified Atkins) I did lose 17 lbs, but was completely miserable.
What/When I could eat completely consumed me. For the first 2 weeks, eat 10 carbs a day and 6 meals every 2 hours. I finally decided 'this is no way to live', 'this can't be what life is about' and ate my first warm dinner roll and it was 'out the window', I regained my 17 and 14 more...ending at @205.

Though this weight loss has been WAY slower, I am less miserable. I hope that I am making the 'lifestyle' changes that mean I will maintain the loss. Though I still don't look forward to the exercise sessions and the treadmilling, I'm glad I do it when it is over. Food is still a problem, I've cut down, but am not showing the 'discipline' I need. Now that it's summer, I am going to LOVE Salads, right?

Oh, I just 'peeked' at the Bad Girls site (gotta link on the right), they are having 'summer classes' starting Friday afternoon. Some of them look pretty good.
Can you believe I'm looking forward to the first class about altering tp rolls?

hopefully, I can look at them during the weekend. We won't be home most of Saturday, but I'll see what I can do.


senovia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours! I like your 365 blog, too! I thought about doing one, but know it will last a week, and then I'll quit. So anyway, I love your colored glass! I can't wait to read more of your blog! :)

Nicky H

Linda said...

Congrats on losing the "and then some" weight! I have several pieces of cut glass, colored and clear. It really is so pretty.

Suz said...

Stumbled on your blog from 2 peas. Your dog is too cute - looks like my Rosie only lots bigger.