Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday afternoon...continued

so here is the tin label..

Where was I? ooooh the fridge situation, the other units at the cottage, an apt and 2 studios were unoccupied so I called Meredith, to ask if she could possibly rent one of the units to the group of kids coming from Turlock. As, the one whose uncle they were staying with, was not able to make the ride down. When she quoted me @$50 per person, (alot for young 20 somethings)I asked her if they do not take her up on it...cuz they are kids and can sleep on floors...could I use one of the fridges? She said, "I meant to tell you, I have a bigger fridge in the garage, and you can use it" WOW!! problem solved.

DH joins me at the Costco register line, and just took over for me. We got home and I went to move the trays into the fridge. I was hoping to catch the girls as they left to get their nails done, but I just missed them. so, boohoo moment, I did not get my nails done...just trimmed them down low for the wedding.

Back to ongoing dress situation, discovery that I had thrown away the eye and hook while cleaning the area. Now, I had given dh the grocery store list, so mom joins him in the hopes that the grocery store will have basic sewing supplies,
it does, but not what she needs...but they find white safety we've gotta make do...right?

sidenote: Sara M did not thank mom for the is quite simply pissed. My mom is 76 years old and the simple thank you is a requirement, people who do not say it are simply not forgiven.

DH comes back...and boy did he overbuy...he thought some of the list items were for
@80 turned out to be a good thing, cuz we used a lot of it)

While he is gone, Cheryl (Jenn's mom), and the kids arrive!! Yay!!
So we got to visit while waiting for the girls to return. What can I say, it was wonderful!! Cheryl, Wade and Glenda (Jenn's grandma) are simply some of my favorite people. Their presence was so important to me, I had them seated at the 2nd row.
They are afterall, dd's 'other family', as Cheryl says, "C is her daughter from another mother"

We are getting calls in the mean time from ds and dil, the 405 was closed. Their original plan was to go all the way to Vista and the hotel,... it then changed to arriving at our cottage, so they could change and clean finally became, we'll meet you there, in Costa Mesa. (travel incident 4)

but it was 3pm and time for dd to leave, so she can be at the amphitheater before
4pm... so, I will start there for the rest of the Saturday story...
you ain't gonna believe it but it gets worse,
we have another car mishap AND another lost delivery guy, just to give you a hint...
and a MAJOR travel incident. OMG!!


Sarah C. said...

It's been a few days since I dropped in on your blog...and WOW! what a story. Curious to see how it ends.

Beautiful tin idea! The "mint" to be is so cute. :)

Darleen said...

drama! drama! drama! And this too shall pass....i hope that everything works out and you get to relax and enjoy the wedding.