Wednesday, May 28, 2008

heavy to light ponderings.

from 2 peas:
One thing you must accomplish today is...

I'm not sure, I have to go to work, finishing April's close will be extra nice...and getting ready to close May...and of course when I come home from work, I need to jump on that treadmill.

Yesterday, my childhood friend called. She said she was watching tennis and it reminded her of our tennis games in the driveway as kids. It was good hearing from her, and I hope we can continue to keep up. We've known each other since the age of 4, and were best friends...drifted away a little during high school years, as for a while I went a little 'wild'...but even then, she did not judge me and was there for me. Hers is the family that I credit for my Christianity. They were loving family who truly lived out their faith, not just "oh, we go to church" people.
Seeing their family, and the fact that they got 4 daughters thru the 70's without drugs, alcohol and sex, was very impressive and when I became a mom, exactly what I wanted for my family. (honestly, I can't claim the same record...but I came close!)

Sunday, I answered the alter call at church. To recommit my life. When you see things like what happened with Michelle, it sure does put a 'perspective' on your own life. During the sermon, the pastor spoke of another funeral he officiated at, and how nice it was, but empty, because there was no Jesus. You know, I felt the same way during my bridezilla/wedding marathon...the weddings were nice and beautiful, but the ones without Jesus are kinda empty. And I want my future funeral to be so full of the Lord. Like the one for Travis. People walked away changed from that memorial service, including my husband.

okay, enough heavy ponderings...

spent the weekend me it was a great weekend. In the mornings had stuff to take care of, places to go...BUT by the afternoon, the sweats were on, hair was up, bra was off..and I was in that room. Worked on the wedding album. And yes, it is hard. You want every page to be so what you produce, just doesn't measure up. (I struggle with posting pics) DD's wedding was blue and white, so even the choice of pp was a little hard. I did the ceremony in basic white/silver wedding papers, adding the blue...but after ceremony...I chose Le Jardin from Stampin Up. I like the 'french garden' feel and the colors highlight the blue.

I've noticed the trend toward yellow in dd's clothing catalogs. I've never been a fan of yellow, but a soft buttery yellow is appealing to me...don't think I'll ever like the 'chrome' yellow of buses and street signs. (Actually, my front room in my old house was blue, white and soft yellow. And I like the yellow of the house in Father of the Bride.) So is yellow the new black for spring?

take care all,
happy 'humpday'!!

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emily said...

Thank you for sharing. I get a little "heavy" sometimes too when I write but it helps. btw - I love the song that plays on your profile!