Friday, May 23, 2008

last I heard,

They expect Michelle to pass any time now.
My husband has been going to the hospital to be with his brother, Gordon.
Weds night, Gordon told dh that Michelle said she was 'chasing a butterfly, and it just landed on a puppy's nose" I am hopeful that all her thoughts are beautiful ones.

She was one of the 'good' ones. A kindhearted soul who brought so much to our family. We all will miss her.

Here's a pic of her from Christmas, she is wearing her 'light up' sweater.


Creative Junkie said...

omg. this all happened in the last week? I'm so sorry. How absolutely devastating. My thoughts are with you and your family. I'm so sorry.

Sarah C. said...

Oh, Karen. :( I'm heartbroken to read this. Prayers for you and your family. And special prayers that Michelle is filled with happy thoughts, lots of love, and pain free.

Lida said...

Oh Karen I am so sorry to hear this, she sounds and looks like an awesome person, hope her passing is peacefull and painless. Sending you a big hug