Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Saturday night...Aye Yi Yi!!!

We get to the cottage, luckily, I had a crock pot of chicken going, so those who had nothing to eat all day could have a li'l appetizer.

Ongoing flower incident
Jenn checks the flowers in the fridge, the white bridesmaid bouquets are ruined!
brown spots, wilting, so we toss them..and we know the maid of honor bouquet is not going to make it. So, we tried to figure out if we could go to a grocery store or Walmart real early and get some roses before we have to arrive at the site at 8am.
Remember this is mother's day...
As you can guess, the girls are heartbroken.

However, the bride bouquet is simply gorgeous, the deep blue hydrengeas, white roses, and iridescent sparkle picks...

The girls, Jenn and Nicole S, start baking a heart shaped cake for the wedding pictures. it is very cute. They used fresh strawberries and well, it did seep a little.

My dh, went to the store with his friends to get more ice and drinks, but left his cell phone in their car...now, my dh without his phone is not a pretty picture..he felt naked.

We end up having about 20 people at the cottage, and we wait for the pizza...as the last delivery is at 9pm. We wait and wait and wait (lost delivery person incident #2) I think the issue was really, with my calling it on a cell phone,
on the freeway, we both had a hard time hearing each other...and the wrong address number was written down.

After many phone calls and direction attempts...Chris finally gets in his truck and meets the young man at a landmark...and leads him in. I'm just thankful the fellow did not give up on us...my fil pays for the 4 pizzas and a tip...a total of $90

oh, and it is close to 10pm before we get them.

and the pizzas are AWFUL!! Like our friend Mike F. says, he could not tell where the pizza ended and the cardboard box began. the sausage was like sausage chips!!
the half a veggie slice I had actually was not that bad, only cold.

So, our guests start to trickle out. DD and I are getting ready to make one more trip to her home, to grab the stuff we need for the wedding tomorrow, when she gets a phone call..

Travel incident #5

One of DD's bridesmaids, Sara S, had been celebrating her 21st birthday in Las Vegas.
But she was coming home early to be in the wedding. HOWEVER while in Vegas, her purse was either lost or stolen, everything, identification, credit cards, cash are gone. Now, as you all know, you need a driver's license to get on an airplane...


What do we do? Do we send someone up there to pick her up? How is this going to work out? Sara S. calls the airline and they told her to be at the airport extremely early..say 4 am...and they would see what they can do.

DD and I go to her home, grab her stuff and it is after 11:30 when we leave,
I tell dd...any later and we would have to cancel the whole thing, cuz I am serious about dd and sil not seeing each other the day of the wedding.

dd and I go to bed after midnight, completely exhausted not knowing if we can get more flowers, if Sara S is going to make it...it was a long night, without any sleep.

sidenote: Unknown to me,thank God, Jenn and Nicole S., decide to go on a midnight stroll on the beach, they probably really needed the fresh air and space. However, dh was very concerned as his cell was not around and he had no way to communicate with the 2 girls if something should happen on an isolated beach in So. Cal...

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